Design villas for sale in Thailand - CRYSTAL VILLAS

Outstanding architect villas in Samui!

A villa CRYSTAL is an original piece of work. Its design and implementation have been an attention to detail and design combines boldness, elegance and classicism. You feel the distinction and pleasure of living in an exceptional place and experience the satisfaction of owning a outstanding property!

CRYSTAL Villas designed its villas in a way that you would feel welcomed, comfortable and relaxed immediately. The villa ergonomy is meant to be adapted to a tropical climate, with well-structured outdoor areas organized for fun and communication, as well as indoor areas to chill out and rest from the sun. 

The villas are especially designed to facilitate the transition from interior to exterior with a transparent feeling brought by the large surfaces of glasses.

Sublime panoramas

All the rooms of a CRYSTAL villa are incredibly open to nature and face the fabulous scenery of Samui at all times and embrace its wonderful climate. 

Art architecture

Overflowing rooftop protects the houses from the heat and the rain and appears like they float above the villa. Their lateral edges are made of sun breezes, projecting on the floors some stripes of light and shadow, generating a progressively warm area.


The ground floor is crowned with an aesthetic canopy, preserving the lowest part of the villa from intense sunlight.
Everywhere some wooden claustras and timber colonnades sift the atmosphere of the villa and provide charming and refined design separations.

Inner Beauty

A water cascade of eight meters wide provides a powerful charm to the dining room. The basement is organized around an elegant indoor garden. A Thai fabric dresses up the central glass staircase and some patterns of Asian art and murals cover the entire walls. 

All these wood ornaments perfectly match the glass and stone to create a villa with the most distinguished features. This decorative arrangement of high standard will impress your guests and will make them feel immediately comfortable like at home.
This is the design signature of a CRYSTAL villa.