Thailand villa for sale - Luxury CRYSTAL VILLAS

Five star villas in Koh Samui


Known for centuries as the "Pearl of the South China Sea" Koh Samui still deserves this award. 

Samui’s climate is exceptional due to its very pleasant temperature all around the year. Its lush tropical nature surrounded by a transparent ocean blue is lined with some of the finest beaches in Asia. The millions of coconut trees that are the hallmarks of Samui cannot hide the diversity of its vegetation and flora. Its population, originally farmers and fishermen, is particularly inviting.

If the inner lands, mountains and waterfalls are mainly uninhabited, coastal hills offer stunning views and are popular with luxury villas. 

Bophut is the reference. Its beautiful beach, its authentic village, its attractions and hills naturally designate it as the place to buy a villa.

Bophut’s location is very convenient being close to the main road and all that is necessary for a pleasant stay, including the Bophut Golf and the famous golf of Santiburi only at few minutes away from the Crystal villas.

Samui island has experienced a recent development. The tourism is well controlled and the new facilities nicely landscaped (quality international hospitals, extensive road network, numerous infrastructures, international airport, optical fiber). With such advantages, this island of Thailand is devoted to high quality vacation.
The island is only an hour away from Bangkok and a couple of hours from Asian major cities by flight.